Tooling For Every Job

Signature Cable has the majority of tooling our customers need in stock so our customers typically do not have to pay NREs for tooling to build their product. If we have high demand for tooling that we don’t care in house, we are likely to buy it for our inventory. The Signature Cable mindset in many cases is that as long as the cost will eventually be accrued over time it is simply an investment towards our business.

Production Capabilities

  • AMP (Tyco) Semi-Automatic Crimping Machines

  • High Speed Tubing Cutter

  • High Speed Automated Wire Cut and Strip Machines

  • Wire Stripping Machines

  • Arbor Presses for Terminating Ribbon Cable Connectors

  • Hot Stamp Wire Marking Machine

  • Pico Air Presses to Crimp Anderson Power Contacts

  • Wire Crimp Pull Tester

  • Hydraulic Pump to Crimp Wire 8-Gauge to 4/0 Lugs

  • Coax Cable Strippers

  • Mini Applicators(Amp, Molex, etc.) For Tyco Semi-Automatic Crimping Press

  • Cirrus Cable and Harness Testers

A Solution For Every Need

Our product will speak for itself and we’re confident that we will exceed your expectations. Give us a call today with your next order or project and let’s get started!